Breaking News: (San Diego, CA, June 2006) Cannuflow launches the revolutionary Extravastat(tm) line of products at the Esch Shoulder Course. This patented line of products helps to eliminate the troublesome and dangerous complication of fluid extavasation during shoulder surgery, opening new and unprecedented benefits to both the surgeon and the patient. For more information visit, or contact Cannuflow Inc Customer Service toll free 866-484-5400 

*From Concept to Production:

Kucklick Design worked with Sleep Solutions, Inc, a Silicon Valley startup company pioneering a sophisticated yet easy to use home polysomnography device, the NovaSom QSG system for home diagnosis of sleep apnea. Kucklick Design worked with SSI from initial concept and product definition through Industrial Design, user interface design, plastic part design, FDA-compliant materials selection, and manufacturing engineering. .
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Kucklick Design helps companies like Starion Instruments develop their revolutionary PowerPoint line of general surgery devices, battery pack and power supply. See the line of Starion devices now

*Broad Experience:

Kucklick Design also has experience in design and development of RF powered cutting, coagualting and ablation tools for companies like RITA Medical Systems, Somnus and Curon Medical.

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*Speed to Market:

Kucklick Design recently designed the ArtisanMD SoftShaper, a revolutionary tool for placing and sculpting dental composites. Kucklick Design helped take the SoftShaper product from company incorporation to product launch at the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry show in less than 7 months. The Artisan Softshaper was also rated in the top 20 of new dental products of 2002 in Dental Products Review

*Business Development and Expansion:

Kucklick Design helps Medical Device startups like Cannuflow redesign and improve their products for greater success in the marketplace, and expand their product offerings with innovative new devices. Cannuflow is currently emerging as a recognized leader in arthroscopic fluid management innovation See the Cannuflow website and line of products now

Kucklick Design recently designed the Equilasers Equilase30 Nd:YAG Medical Laser for general surgery and cosmetic surgery applications. The Equilase30 recently debuted at an international medical lasers meeting in Thailand.