The Medical Device R&D Handbook Second Edition by Theodore R. Kucklick -now available!

Reviews of the Second Edition:

"This is a handbook in the classic sense of the word. It is a concise guide that is directed for those who want to develop products for the marketplace. …. I would say this would serve any professional well, and also be an excellent guide for senior design projects by those students studying biomedical engineering. The information in this book is priceless and represents an immense accumulation of practical knowledge. There is no other text like it.

This is a must read for anyone entering the medical device industry. If you want to make a product— particularly a therapeutic device—you will find no better resource than this text. It should be on the bookshelf of each and every biomedical engineer"
—Brian Wong M.D., Ph.D., University of California–Irvine, USA

"I think this book is a must-have for any engineer involved in medical device design, but also for medical doctors focused on inventing innovative devices to address their needs. A book like this is inspiring for an undergraduate or a graduate student that is planning a career in medical device design. It can be an invaluable source for answers for the full lifecycle of a medical device.

It covers the conception and nurturing of a new idea, how to develop a reliable prototype, how to bring it into production, and, last but not least, addresses the fundamental issues of intellectual property protection. Interviews of big names in medical device design are the grand finale of the book. It is so inspiring to read about success stories in the field of medical devices. There is such a need for innovation in healthcare and this book is a perfect how-to manual to guide inventors of all ages through the full process of medical device design."
—Pietro Valdastri, PhD, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

"With all your academic training in biomedical engineering, I hope you will agree you have not been taught how to develop a practical medical device. Ted Kucklick wrote this book just for you. He assumes that you are well schooled in the basic concepts, and he recognizes that what you need is a tutorial on how to apply your knowledge to develop medical devices. He covers broad areas of design and early prototyping of disposable medical devices, with how-to instructions for many fabrications, and links to helpful outside industrial resources. This is a book you will want to keep handy on your bookshelf and find a valuable reference."
—Frank Ingle, Ph.D., PE, CEO, and CTO, Instruments for Science and Medicine, Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA

"The Medical Device Handbook is a must for any company engaged in the increasingly complex world of medical device development. Author Kucklick has updated his ‘one-stop’ handbook, covering the essentials of medical device development from design to manufacturing scale-up. This is a practical reference book that will have a broad audience in any medical device company—from start-up to multinational."
Thomas Loarie, Mercator MedSystems, Inc., Danville, California

"This is the first in its class of multidisciplinary books for medical device innovators, reaching across several disciplines to capture what innovators need."— Michael Gertner, MD, Co-Director, Surgical Innovation Program Stanford University

The Medical Device R&D Handbook
 is available NOW from CRC Press/Taylor and Francis,, Barnes and, and other quality booksellers

This is a practical how-to book on the design and development of medical devices, and includes exclusive interviews with pioneers and leaders in the medical device industry including Thomas Fogarty, MD, Paul Yock, MD, Dane Miller, J. Casey McGlynn, and more.

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News: The Medical Device R&D Handbook (First Edition) hits #22,830 on Amazon and was the #1 Biotechnology title in two categories, and the #1 title in Medicine: "Instruments and Supplies" (3-3-08) The Medical Device R&D Handbook is now in over 100 College and University libraries worldwide including MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, UC Berkeley, UCSF, USC, and many others. (see: Ted is now a regular contributor to BoneZone magazine
(see: and was recently interviewed for Design News Magazine 

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